Vincent Campanella



Vincent C. Campanella graduated from Collinwood High School in January 1959. Campanella began his professional career with two years of private practice of law. 

However, Vince may have had a “genetic disposition” towards political life. His  grandfather, Vincenzo Campanella, embraced the American way of life, including the American political system. This love of American politics led Vince’s grandfather to become an alternate delegate to the 1916 Republican National Convention which nominated future President Warren G. Harding. Vince’s father Mannie was politically active as well. Through his father Vince was put in contact with then Mayor of Cleveland, Ralph J. Perk. In 1971, Vince was selected by Mayor Perk to be Director of the Office of Budget and Management for the City of Cleveland. Vince’s outstanding performance in that position earned him an appointment to the administration’s highest cabinet position, Director of Law. This position also carried with it the responsibilities of acting mayor.

In 1977, Vince was inaugurated into his first elective office as Cuyahoga County Auditor. Vince spent 3 years as the Cuyahoga County Auditor and was then elected to the county’s highest office – Cuyahoga County Commissioner. Vince’s abilities and accomplishments earned him the respect and admiration of business leaders and fellow officeholders on both sides of the political aisle.

In 1985, Vince exited political office for the private sector. Vince joined the national accounting firm of Laventhol and Horwath. As a consultant and senior principal, Vince Campanella managed several dozen professionals from many local and national  business organizations. His practice grew considerably during the 5 years he managed the enterprise.

In 1991, Vince founded his own “small” firm and called it Orion Consulting, Inc. Vince’s original plan of growing the company gradually was disbanded when he had the opportunity to hire his former Laventhol Horwath employees when their employment situation changed per that company’s circumstances. Vince took the opportunity to grow his business much faster than anticipated. Orion Consulting grew under Vince’s direction and became a large national management consulting company. Orion became known as a premier provider of expertise in the health care field. Campanella and his staff (which now numbered over 200) built Orion into a valuable and coveted business enterprise in just a few short years.

Having accomplished his business goals, Campanella sold his company to a large global provider of IT services in 1999. After remaining as a consultant with the new corporate organization for a year, Vince retired to pursue his other interests and spend more time with his family and friends.

Vince’s philanthropic interests include his church, Holy Redeemer, as well as the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and his alma mater, John Carroll University. As a testament to his friendship as well as his business leadership, The Vincent Campanella Endowment Fund at John Carroll University was established in his honor by his associates at Orion Consulting.

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