Dr. John Corina

Dr. John Corina


Dr. John Corina graduated in the June Class of 1946. His high school days were filled with performances as at a young age he excelled in music.  He served as Comptroller of the school bank and was named to the National Honor Society.  His studies in a challenging college preparatory curriculum in no way hindered his ability to achieve musically; during John's junior and senior years he performed with the Cleveland Philharmonic Orchestra and as a senior served as the orchestras president. John was the youngest faculty member at the Cleveland Music Settlement where he taught oboe, and at Collinwood’s graduation ceremonies he performed a concerto from Handel.

He served as oboist in the U.S. Army Band at West Point, returning tn teach in the Lakewood and Florida public schools.

He received Bachelors and Masters degrees from Western Reserve University, graduating cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa; and earned the Doctor of Music degree in composition form Florida State University.

Dr. Corina taught composition, oboe and theory and performed with the Georgia Woodwind Quintet for twenty-five years at the University of Georgia, where he attained the positions of chairman of theory and composition, graduate faculty, full professor, and in 1985 was awarded the university's teaching excellence Professorship. He is Professor Emeritus since his retirement in 1991-the year in which he was the recipient of the Athens/Clarke County Community Cultural Award.

As composer of over 130 works, he has received fourteen awards from the American Society of Composers,  Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and others. As oboist. he has performed throughout North America and Europe, accepting nine invitations from the international Double Reed Society. As conductor, he has directed the University of-Georgia Orchestra and Athens Choral Society among other choruses, orchestras, and bands.

Dr. Corina has been a church organist/choir director for fifty years, presently serving Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Athens, Georgia. He remains an active composer. oboist, and teacher. John is married to Carol and they have three children, Susan, Donald and Robert.

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